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Chartering is fun and easy, and our clients enjoy the greatest degree of flexibility in the business.  Remember to keep these common sense guidelines in mind when planning your yachting experience. 

1. Our daily rates include your Captain and Crew, as well as fuel at idle speed. Perfect for cruising around Biscayne Bay and the local islands. Additional charges for fuel for any requested trips past idle speed may apply. 

2. Our rates do not include any dockage fees if applicable. 

3. Our rates do not include gratuities for your Captain and crew. 

4. Confidentiality is a top priority for all staff, however, illegal activities are strictly forbidden at any time or location during your charter. 

5. According to Maritime Law, we are only allowed to take up to 12 customers. Regardless of size, only U.S. Coast Guard certified vessels (generally commercially operated vessels such as tour boats) can take more passengers. The limit for any private motor yacht no matter how large is twelve persons in addition to the crew.  Additional staff members who are not part of the vessel crew ARE counted toward the maximum passenger capacity. 

6. The use of the Dingy is included with the daily rate for transportation purposes only. 

7. Most of our yachts carry one or more jet ski(s); however the use of the Jet Ski is not included in the daily rates. 

Image by Enrique Ortega Miranda
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